Large Olive wood bowls Set


Use the bowls to serve (meal) salads, fruit or snacks. Including a set of matching salad servers and little spoons for olives or nuts. After use, the bowls can be easily stored without taking up much space. Set of 6 olive wood bowls (from 16,5cm to 6,5cm) with Salad spoons and Small Spoons.


A beautiful large olive wood set of 6 bowls with a set of salad servers and 2 little spoons.

After use, the bowls can be easily stored without taking up much space.

This round spoon is sturdy and features a large round head to help mix and stir your favorite sauce.

This wonderful Small olive wood spoon is an absolute kitchen essential.

Diameter bowls:

  • Varied from 6.5cm /2.55″ up to 16cm / 6.29″
  • Length 2 small spoons : 11 cm / 4,33″
  • Length salad servers: spoon + spork¬†30cm / 11,81 “

Material : 100% Sustainable sourced olive wood
Origine : Tunisia
Workshop: Nejib (read more about this artisan workshop)
Production: Fairly handmade

Olive wood products are perfect for food preparation because the natural oil content of olive wood means

that it kills the bacteria and is therefore more hygienic than other wood or plastic products.

Once a month, with a paper towel, rub smoothly your product using olive oil, peanut or sunflower, soak the paper in the oil

and with a fine movement of the hand spread out the Paper over the entire surface of the product.

Our products are made with premium quality. After using them you will recognize the reason why they are worth the money.

Just make sure you take care of your pieces and they will last not only a lifetime, but generations too.

Read more about maintaining olive wood products.