“organic, durable, eco friendly, simplicity, silent & minimalist”

Safa is a multifaceted brand and product.

Safa is organic

about-SafaTableware :

Firstly, the olive wood used for safa comes from the olive trees of one of Tunisia’s many huge olive groves. Tunisia is one of the most famous southern Mediterranean countries where olives have been cultivated for centuries. More than 30% of agricultural land devoted to olive growing (the cultivation of olives).

This equates to 1.68 million hectares of land. When an olive tree does not bear fruit for several years, it is cut down to make room for a young tree. These are the ways of our ancestors and the way in which nature remains in balance and we use all the olive trees

Safa is durable

It is an extremely hard, dense wood making it more stain and odor resistant than most – an important characteristic in a hard-working kitchen tool. With proper care and maintenance, your olive wood will last a long time. 

Olive wood is almost unbreakable. Especially our basic bowls made from extra thick olive wood that will last for years. So go ahead, with Safa you can go back to being your goofy self in the kitchen.

Safa is eco friendly

Secondly, we are trying to close the circle of ecological production. Olive wood plantations use environmentally friendly production methods without harsh chemicals. In addition, the olive trees cultivated using natural resources, water, soil and lots of sun. In the workshops of our artisans, no chemicals are used in the process.

Thirdly, The main objective is to minimize the waste of olive wood. The inhabitants use the waste provided for heating and for the use of the oven for the preparation of bread.

Safa is simplicity

Also, about-SafaTableware it is important to know that we tried to come up with a concept that is not based on trends. We tried to go back to basics when it comes to tableware. A bowl. A plate. Utensils for cooking and eating. 

We don’t venture into reinventing the basic tableware humanity has used its whole existence. 

Utility goes hand in hand with pure simplicity. Safa brings a touch of softness to a kitchen, which brings us to our next point.

Safa is silent

Imagine having dinner. Imagine the sounds at the table. Now take away those sounds and replace them with silence, stillness. 

Besides, there are many advantages about-SafaTableware. Eating with olive wood tableware will bring back silence at the dinner table, which will make way for conversation, for laughter and togetherness. No scraping on ceramic plates, no high pitched screeching or clinking of metal utensils. Wooden tableware means you can completely enjoy a meal with the bliss of silence.

Safa is minimalist

At this time, we all know that the average human collects very many items during their lifetime. Also, the kitchen is a place in the house where we find a large part of these objects to have a practical kitchen.

Finally, think of how many objects you own in your kitchen that could be replaced with the basics. A bowl. A plate. Utensils for cooking and eating. One bowl per person. One plate per person. One set of utensils per person. Olive wooden tableware is a beautiful way to start living with simplicity and thoughtfulness